How would you like to end your computer virus problems for good? Imagine being able to spend your valuable time actually working on your computer, and not fighting off the latest computer virus threats. On The Go Techs has great news for you. Our new virus proofing solution has the ability to stop any computer virus from effecting your PC, Guaranteed.  Our solution is very simple. When you get a computer virus on your PC, all you’ll need to do is reboot your PC and walahh, it’s gone. You can still use your computer in the same way you’re used to. You won’t have to worry about paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the life of your PC fighting off viruses again.

We use a multitude of Licensed software and techniques to achieve a virtually bullet proof PC. Our virus proofing solution comes with a 3 year guarantee but will work beyond our guarantee. We also offer a yearly maintenance plan for $75* a year that includes after purchase maintenance, basic instore & phone support that keeps your PC updated and optimized for optimal security and performance. Call us at 770-374-7260 to get started.

*Price only for Customers who purchased our Virus Proofing Solution. Onsite support extra.

Benefit For Virus Proofing Your Home Or Business PC(s)

  • Never worry about getting computer viruses again (Surf the web, recieve emails, got to your favorite social networking site with ease).
  • Computer Always stays clean & optimized. (Since our solutions basicly locks your hard drive, files can't be changed on your C drive keeping your PC running faster for longer).
  • If you get a virus infection on your home or business PC, simply reboot your computer and its gone.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7


Changes you'll need to expect with our virus proofing solution.

  • You will have to go through an app install procedure to install new programs on your PC.
  • For security reasons, temporary internet files and folders as well as surfing history will not be saved. Your PC also will not store your user name and passwords for websites. Viruses usually reside in those folders.
  • If you add additional users to your PC, you may need our assistance to properly route use data to a different partition.
  • You will still need an anti virus on your PC. It is needed so you'll know if your PC's been compromised by a virus & to take proper action. We will provide an anti virus free** of charge.

**Windows Security Essentials Is Included